Friday, December 21, 2018

A Missive from MiniPearl Swearengen - From Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge

Hello! It’s me MiniP!!
I just greeted one of our newest friends, a little Boston Terrier named Dan. I’m a damn fine greeter, by the way. So, this reminds me to say thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes when I crossed that Bridge two weeks ago. As most of you probably know, I probably wasn’t meant to live as long as I did. I came to my new home desperately ill. I only weighed two pounds; I didn’t have any hair; I had heart-worms (bad!); and I had pneumonia. Such is the life of a little bitty animal left out in the elements. BUT! As soon as I hit my new Daddy’s lap, I knew things had changed for me (and, sure enough, for him).

Nobody thought I had the proverbial snowball’s chance….

But, for the next six years, I lived large; walking every day (and doing a ‘lickety-split’ run to the house when it was chilly), eating really good food, sleeping beds all over the place, snuggling with my folks. But my MOST favorite thing in the world was for my Daddy to whisper to me. I’d sit on his chest an put my ear near his mouth and he’d tell me sweet things. When he would go to the office, I would follow him. When we would walk, I would follow him. He was and will always be my hero!

Then, about a month ago, my really big heart started causing me some trouble. Medicine helped for a while. I had power rugs on the floor so my feet didn’t slip. But, Friday, I started feeling really, really bad and I knew my time was near. Then, I fell over and couldn’t get up. Daddy laid down next to me and whispered to me. Then, he wrapped me in a nice warm blanket and took me to Doc Sylvia. I remember my Daddy whispering to me that it was ok to go to sleep. So, that’s just what I did. He whispered me right across that beautiful bridge as I went to sleep. When I woke up, I felt troubles melted like lemon drops. And guess who I saw, grinning to beat the band.
My sister, Stella-Beaux!

Just wanted all y’all to know that I appreciate your kind words for me and my folks. I may have had a rough start but my last six years were great. To never have loved an animal is to miss a piece of your soul; blessings to everyone who does.

'Bye now...I got work to do.