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Sunday, January 31, 2016

‘The Wild Eyed Elf from Freecloud’

OK, so this may not be the most popular or well-known Bowie song, but it kinda fits the bill for The Elf today. This restaurant/cookin’ ‘bidness’ is HARD WORK!! And just bein’ a little ole cookie baker, salad girl and hot bar server has us just on the go. We cannot imagine the intensity of actually RUNNIN’ the place and being responsible and all! Whew! There’s something going on ALL the time…
This week, we did get our café legs under us with three days worth of work. We even got a chance to bake some cookies on Friday. We were really excited when someone came in and bought 20 of them while they were still WARM!! So, that’s inspired us to up the production a bit. Getting used to a commercial convection oven is also a work in process. Fortunately, Chef Joe has been very helpful and supportive to teach The Elf how to set the humidity and timing so as not to turn out a cookie that is either WAY crumbly or burned to a cinder. We DID have a learning moment when the parchment paper blew over some of the cookies, resulting in a couple of pretty awkward looking cookies (we did get to enjoy those, however). We learned to place the cookies strategically to keep the paper in place. These are the E.P.I.C. “Bar None Better” Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies.

For the coming week, we will be featuring a soup from Susan Voisin’s FatFree Vegan Kitchen—Smoky Refried Bean Soup with Fresh Tomato Salsa. We are TOO excited to bring Susan’s recipes to life in the café, for sure. And, if you’re too far away to come enjoy it with us, here’s the link so you can prepare it yourowns-elf.
Susan has been so supportive of The Elf’s blog and such an active member of our Vegan/Plant-based Community, we want to share her good recipes by making them and having folks GET that eating plant-based can be not only healthy but also delicious!
We think we’ve gotten our days/hours nailed down to maximize our cooking potential and be able to promote plant-based eating. Hopefully, that will allow a bit more time to develop more dishes at home and be able to share those with you as well.
We also wanted to take a moment to thank Big Solid for thirty-one wonderful years of being married. He is the long suffering husband who has endured more epic fails in the kitchen than should ever have to be endured. And yet he stays!

Till next week when we promise to have a little longer blog time, y’all breathe deep, eat plants, laugh a lot, love life and DO EPIC!!

The Elf

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