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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Well, was there any doubt of what this week’s blog title would be? The Elf has been a David Bowie fan since he first burst on the scene a million or so years ago AND “Space Oddity” has been TE’s ring tone ever since the technically challenged Elf figured out how to load it.

This week’s blog will be a short one as there are so many irons in the proverbial fire right now, we can hardly breathe!! First, we’ll report on the FatFree Vegan Kitchen recipe from last week..Golden Potato and Tempeh Casserole.
We love tempeh at the Kinky Elfery Kitchen and we also love casseroles…so this was a no-brainer. Howsomever, we would be remiss without some background on our casserole history. When The Elf and Big Solid first got wedded, Big Solid was NOT a fan of either soups or casseroles. As the years keep rolling by, he has become much more of a fan. First of soups and next of casseroles. Typically when one thinks of casseroles, the immediate picture comes to mind of cheese, creamy sauces, more cheese, ground beef, some more creamy stuffs and topped with cheese. So, this Golden Potato and Tempeh casserole had that comfort food look with a lot less fat laden animal stuffs.
When we started putting this recipe together, we kinda had some doubts as to how it would turn out. The sauce was lovely but it seemed like it would be way too much for the casserole to ‘gel’. However, we followed the directions to the ‘t’, including letting it rest for a few minutes after taking it out of the NEW oven. Sure ‘nuf, it served up quite nicely, so the doubts began to dissipate. Then, we tasted it and all doubts were GONE. It was delicious. We highly recommend.

 The pictures are not that great (our vegan parmesan cheese didn’t really brown) but trust your Elf…make this because it’s awesome.
We will miss this week with FFVK for reasons that you will see shortly (plus an unscheduled trip out of town). BUT, we most certainly will be back on board the week of January 24th. We’ll give some serious thought to the recipe for that week, since it’s the week of our 31st anniversary!
Now! For the latest Elfin adventure and the reason we’ll be kinda BUSY next week (in addition to the trip).

Yep! The Elf is going to be cooking at the Crossroads Café in beautiful downtown Ridgeland MS!! We are both excited to elfin pieces and sorta terrified. The Crossroads Café is the brainchild of John Shrewsberry who owns/runs Healthway health food store next door. He wanted The Elf to make a few vegan options for his menu AND to bake vegan cookies. We initially plan to work part-time (two days a week) and see how it goes. We’ve been practicin’ in the CC kitchen during this week…testing out how cookies bake in their GREAT convection oven. Opening day is Wednesday Jan. 20, but we are having an open house tomorrow, Monday, for folks/customers to drop in and sample some of the dishes that will be offered on the menu. The Café will specialize in organic food (and yes there will be meat served but The Elf won’t be involved with that), juices, smoothies, good soups (one vegan) and other delicious stuffs. So, keep your fingers crossed that all goes well. If nothing else, The Elf will learn something and in the YOTS, it keeps life interesting, for sure. Hopefully, next week, we’ll be able to share some open house/opening day pictures with you. We have been able to do a lot of initial prep work for our dishes tomorrow (an entrée, a soup and cookies), so the Kinky Elfery Kitchen has been a place of intense activity.
We have given a name to our cookies—E .P.I.C.©  (Eating Plant-based Is Cool!) We will bake two kinds initially and expand into gluten free and other variations as we get more practice behind us. We’ll have ‘Bar None Better’ Oatmeal chocolate chip and ‘Slap Your Own Face’ Oatmeal Cherry/Craisin Walnut. Those were the two that sold so well at Wellsfest this past year so we decided to stick with what seemed to work best. We’d rather bake two cookies really well than over-extend and mess up.
Til next week, y’all breathe deep, eat plants (remember E.P.I.C.), laugh a lot, love life and DO EPIC!!
The Elf

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