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Saturday, August 12, 2017

All Good Things Must Come to an Elf

We are submitting an Early Elf today as we prepare for a trip to the mountains. The house/dog-sitter is engaged, the vegan foodstuffs are accumulating to be packed, clothes are being washed, last minute details are also be addressed. We are beyond excited!
So, let’s fill you in on this past week as this will be an all Green Chef Blog. Remember we have been quick to use the meals with the potentially most perishable produce first. So, Sunday night, we prepared the Quinoa Chard Dolmas. Dolmas are typically found in Greek cuisine, better knows as Stuffed Grape Leaves. This recipe put a bit of a spin on it and used Swiss Chard, one of our most favorite vegetables. First we got our mis en place with Nutmeg-Herb Spice Blend, Tofu ‘Feta’, Mint, Kalamata/Beet salad, Parsley, Yellow Onion, Roma Tomato, Roasted Red Peppers,  Cucumber, Swiss Chard (wrapped in paper towels), Lemon Greek Dressing,Whole Wheat Pita,and White Quinoa.
And here is where we made a decision to improvise a bit on the instructions. The chard was a bit torn in several places, so we figured a rolled quinoa-stuffed leaf was out of the question. So, we decided to turn the Pita from a salad ingredient to a sandwich base AND toast some of our own Whole Wheat bread to substitute in the salad, made from the tomato, mint and parsley, cucumber, Kalamata olives and pickled beets. This actually turned out MUCH better than we thought as we used the chard as a vegetable in the pita and stuffed it with the quinoa/onion, red peppers combo. Here’s the final plating. We thoroughly enjoyed this although Big Solid wanted a bit more ‘spice’ in the salad. Actually, the Tofu Feta was quite a nice addition.
Next up on Tuesday was Eggplant Napoleon. Now, y’all know that Eggplant is NOT Big Solid’s idea of an edible entity but he said, “Just go ahead a use it. I’ll deal.” (What a guy!) So we did and you know what, it turned out quite nicely and he ate every bite!! Here was our mis en place:  Parsley, Green Beans, Scallions, Cornstarch, Bulgar Wheat, Green Olives, Cannellini Beans, Thyme Eggplant, Yellow Onion, Garlic, and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce.
One of the things we have really appreciated about the Green Chef menus is their salads. For the Eggplant Napoleon, the salad was outstanding…a Bulgar, green bean, chopped and sautéed eggplant, cannellini bean, green olive and tasty lemon-caper vinaigrette. Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of the final plating of this meal but we can tell you it was pretty darn good. Our final Wednesday night meal was the one your Elf had been waiting for..Jamaican Jerk Tempeh! We love Jerk seasoning and this one looked to be a winner. Our mis en place was Mint, Tempeh, Jamaican Style Jerk Sauce, Mango, diced Sweet Potatoes, Lime, Red Pepper, Scallions, Red Onion, Garlic, and Moroccan Pink Rice.  As predicted, this was our favorite meal of the week. We seared the tempeh slices and then simmered in the Jerk Sauce.
Sautéed the sweet potatoes, onions and garlic,
and prepared the warm rice salad.
The final plating was quite lovely set off with some lime wedges.
In fact, we had enough left over to have for lunch another day. This was the last week of our Green Chef subscription. We decided to end our subscription for several reasons, none of which had to do with any issue with the Green Chef program as they have been most responsive to any questions or concerns we may have had.
First, one of the main reasons we subscribed to Green Chef was to see what impact their weekly fee would be on our grocery expenses. Well, we can truthfully say that the impact was significant. On average, we saved around $125 a WEEK! That’s pretty impressive and it also was a factor in our decision to end the meal subscription (keeping open the possibility of doing it again on occasion or even trying our a competitor at a later date). This past month has taught your Elf to be a better and more savvy shopper. We are the world’s most IMPULSIVE shopper, resulting in way more food being ruined and tossed out than we can even begin to admit.
The second reason, and truth be told, the primary one, was we felt like we had most control of our menu (which we did, so to speak). It was also amazing to open the Green Chef box each Friday to find that we had almost all of the ancillary ingredients (onions, scallions, garlic, fresh herbs, olives, tomatoes, edamame, black beans, to name a few) on hand in our Elfin Pantry.
After some more thought, a third reason has blossomed in our little Elfin brain and that is, as much as we like to try new stuffs, it doesn’t have to be EVERY DAY!  Those of us who love to ‘play’ in the kitchen and experiment with new recipes often feel compelled to do something different every day. Big Solid reminded me that he’s perfectly happy with a couple of nights of baked potatoes with steamed broccoli and other toppings AND some of the more devastatingly delicious recipes we’ve tried recently. But, he said, “You don’t have to be a slave to the kitchen every night and prepare a masterpiece.” Now for folks who are incredibly busy, such as fellow veganista Gigi Carter who is a full time student and competitive cyclist, she said “Green Chef has been a godsend for her”.
'Fourthly', Big Solid and Your Elf have been calorie counters for years to keep our weight under control. The Green Chef meals average significantly higher in calories than we are accustomed to eating (we try to stay in the 1200-1500 calorie per day range). Of the 12 meals we prepared, the calories per serving ranged from 470 to 810. WE KNOW that when we eat a whole-food plant based diet, calories ‘shouldn’t matter’ but they do to us. So, while not a deal-breaker, we did look at ways to eliminate some of the calories during preparation (namely, cutting way back on the amount of oils used by using water or spray oils AND trying not to eat all of a serving at once).
So, as we return from the mountains next week, we will once again be cookin’ on our very own but applying some of the great ideas and ingredients from Green Chef. We are excited to narrow our recipe palette to some of our favorites with occasional forays into more exotic dishes. And we have thrown in a new twist to our eating practice…based on significant research on the benefits of fasting, we will fast two days a week (meaning an intake of no more than 500 - 600 calories per DAY). We have chosen Mondays and Thursdays as our fasting days. It’s not as easy as one would think, especially if you are accustomed to eating three squares a day. We’ll see how this goes for us and report out along the way. It DOES cut down meal preparation to 3 days a week (remember we eat out on Friday and Saturday) so that will also help keep the Kinky Elfery Shopping frenzy under control. Here is the link to the article that goaded us into fasting.
So, we look forward to a week off and will be back with a full report on all the cool vegan food we were able to find and other fun stuffs we did in the mountains.
In the meantime, remember to Look for the GOOD, be an EXAMPLE of the GOOD, and ACT for the GOOD as HARD as you can, in as MANY WAYS as you can, EVERY DAY that you can.
Your Elf

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hot August Elf

With apologies to Neil Diamond, 'Howdy and welcome to HOT AUGUST ELF!!' August in Mississippi is the time when damn near everyone in the state wants to be anywhere else where the temperature is below 90 and the humidity is as well…it is so incredibly hot and humid. We are among those and will talk about that later. So, let’s review the week in the Kinky Elfery Kitchen and our third week of Green Chef meals.
Last Sunday night, we prepared the Chard Wraps..primarily because chard is a vegetable that does not store well (at least the leaves) and needs to be consumed fairly quickly to keep it from becoming wet noodley. So we got our mis en place (remember that everything is organic):  Portobello Mushroom, Black Rice and Farro, Thyme (not one of my favorite herbs), Applewood-Porcini Spice Blend, Snap Peas, Basil-Pine Nut Spread, Chard leaves (stems removed), shredded Carrots, Edamame, White Balsamic Vinaigrette, and Fennel.

A quick word here on how we kept the Chard leaves fairly fresh from Friday’s delivery of the Green Chef box until Sunday supper time preparation. We took the Chard out of its original packaging, wiped it down to dry it off, took out the tough stems, and rolled the remaining leaves in paper towels. This was then placed in a loosely sealed plastic bag and refrigerated with the rest of the ingredients. The recipe was a bit on the complicated side (at least for Your Elf), so we focused more on getting it prepared correctly than taking photographs along the way. The final result was a pretty tasty Black Rice, Farro, Edamame, and roasted Portobello salad, topped with the White Balsamic Vinaigrette. The Chard leaves were filled with a mixture of the shredded raw carrots, thinly sliced fennel, and roughly chopped thyme. They were ok…I’m not a fan of wraps so this was not really my favorite meal. However, Big Solid thought them quite nice. Here’s the final plating.
Monday, we prepped for the Black Lentil and Orzo Salad with Grilled Veggie Skewers. The mis en place looked like this: Yellow Pepper, Vegan Pesto, Grape Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts, Parsley, Bamboo Skewers (there’s a story here you’ll see later), Pine Nuts, Italian Seasoning, Black Lentils, Orzo, Garlic, Shallot, and Zucchini.
This was also a recipe that took some focus as we broke one of the skewers getting it out of the bag-you can see the 'broke spike' in the picture next to the zucchini. SO, a frenzied search for our old metal shish kebab skewers of old ensued and we found ONE. AND, the matchup of veggies (grape tomatoes, zucchini slices, and pepper squares didn’t quite equal out. We had way more zucchini slices and pepper square thingies than tomatoes…NONETHELESS, we persevered and got the skewers on the grill..only to find that the zucchini slices did not allow for the peppers and tomatoes to touch the surface. So we just rocked on and cooked them a bit longer.
The real winner in this meal was the Black Lentil and Orzo Salad with sautéed artichoke hearts…it was delicious and there was plenty of it to make for a filling supper. Our final plating looked as such…see what we mean about the salad!!
Tuesday night, we had the final GC meal of the week, a Mushroom Tostada. Here’s our mis en place (and once again there’s a side-story): Roma Tomato, Cremini Mushrooms, Frisée (remember, it’s part of the endive family), Yellow Cornmeal Tortillas, Avocado, Ancho-Cumin Spice blend, Lime, Red, Yellow and Green Peppers, Black Beans (stay tuned), Cilantro-Lemon Tahini Sauce and Long Grain Rice.
We diced up the mushrooms and peppers for a sauté…easy peasy.
We substituted our own recently prepared black beans instead of utilizing the can that was sent and here’s why. Big Solid has a bit of an intestinal issue with black beans that have NOT been soaked for at least 36 hours; he has a tender little tummy. So, better safe than sorry…we used our own beans. The directions called for the black beans to heat and then be mashed (ala refried beans) with lime zest.
The final plating looked quite nice with the avocado fan, the frisée salad and rice topped with the cilantro-lemon tahini dressing. The tortilla did not toast well and was tough, so we pulled it and crumbled some Tostitos over the top. It was very, very good!
The rest of the week was spent cooking for some friends who have been in the hospital and others we share food with from time to time. We prepared a REALLY BIG Pasta salad to share using whole wheat and red lentil pasta, broccoli, cremini mushrooms, seared cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, and some Gentle Chef Chik’n Shreds with a light EVOO/lemon dressing.
Also, we 'fixed' a Yellow Lentil Cauliflower and Coconut Curry we have been wanting to try for a while. It is delicious IF you are a coconut and curry fan.
Here is the link as well.
Frankly, we are not as big a fan of the yellow lentil pasta as we are the red lentil…but, heck, you may love it.
And that brings us to the end of the week. We had ‘regular ole’ vegan fare of Baked Potato topped with Broccoli and good stuffs on Wednesday and Taco Salad (Big Solid’s Favorite meal) on Thursday. We also wanted to share Your Elf's FAVORITE breakfast...whole wheat (sugar-free) toast with a half mashed up avocado and fresh tomato, salted and peppered.
Along with a cup of double strength Peet's Major Dickason's Extra Bold coffee and the word puzzles in the mornin' paper, life is good in the Kinky Elfery Kitchen.
Next week’s Blog will be out on Saturday, August 12 as Your Elf and Big Solid will be takin’ to the mountains of Asheville, NC to escape the MS heat. You can bet your sweet Bippy, we will have some great food pics and places to share with you when we return. In the meantime, remember to Look for the GOOD, be an EXAMPLE of the GOOD, and ACT for the GOOD as HARD as you can, in as MANY WAYS as you can, EVERY DAY that you can.

Your Elf

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hitch Your Wagon to an Elf

Y’ALL! July is done! Already! Didn’t it just start? Slow down world!! There’s much yet to do! So, we’d best be workin’ on it, right? Here we go…barreling into August with the all energy and drive of a two year old wanting out of a lap.
We had our Veganista Night last Sunday night at Kevin and Gigi Carter’s awesome house. We reluctantly but lovingly said farewell to one of our own, Misty, as she moves forward with the next adventure of her life, here pictured with Big Solid. (Note: to clarify, her next big adventure is NOT with Big Solid.)
As usual and in the understatement of the year, the food did not disappoint. Misty brought an awesome Quinoa salad,
Leslie and Gigi collaborated on
a spicy and delicious Chickpea Curry
with Caribbean Greens (to die for),
and your Elf brought yet another Chickpea dish called Spicy Cajun Chickpeas and Grits (pictured later). It’s the vegan equivalent of Shrimp and Grits. The recipe is from the Vegan Slow Cooker for Two but we doubled it and it’s a good thing we did!! Here’s the link to the recipe. It is FABULOUS!
We also brought dessert that we forgot to take a picture of until it had been served…Vegan Richa’s Salted Date Caramel Pie.
The title is really a lot longer so we thought we’d just share the link to the recipe instead. It's a bit on the labor intensive side, but it is just delicious!
The table was set and we were all ready to EAT WELL!!
A closeup of a typical plate looked like this!! You can see the Chickpeas and Grits here about noon on the plate.
And nothing is complete without the Veganista selfie at the close of our gathering. Left to right, Misty, Leslie, Gigi and her husband Kevin (our great hosts), The Elf and Big Solid.
It was a lovely night and we wish Misty the best!!
Week Two of our Green Chef meals got off to a good start. Our Green Chef box arrives on Friday, usually in the late morning. We rush it inside to get it out of the heat and commence to opening it up with great curiosity and anticipation! And this time, we were ready with the necessary containers to keep our meals TOGETHER and eliminate that frantic and energy draining search for all the ingredients. One thing we also learned from Week One was prioritizing what days to prepare the meals. Some of the produce is more fragile than others, so it behooves us in the Kinky Elfery Kitchen to realize that spinach doesn’t last NEARLY as long as a peas or a squash. So, Monday, we fixed the Sweet Potato Samosas for supper. We got our mise en place (SO much easier when one is organized)! Chia Seeds, Baby Spinach (the fragile produce), Tamarind Barbecue Sauce, Peas, Red Cabbage, Cilantro, Toasted Coconut Flakes, Sweet Potatoes, Curry Seasoned Bread Crumbs, Coriander-Coconut Dressing and Roasted Red Peppers.
While our sweet potatoes were boiling to a fork-tender consistency, we prepped our salad of spinach, red cabbage and coarsely chopped red peppers. Then when our sweet potatoes were ready, we drained and gave them an ice water bath to stop the cooking. Then they were ready for mashing.
After they were mashed all up (next time, we’ll use a potato ricer), we added the ingredients for the samosas (peas, curried bread crumbs with a chia ‘egg’ binder).
We squished all that up and formed into patties that went into the ‘frig for a bit.
We sautéed them in hot avocado oil to get a nice crust…actually, we cooked ours a bit longer than the instructions to get a harder ‘edge’.
We finished the salad by tossing our ingredients with about half of the coconut-coriander dressing and sprinkling with some of the toasted coconut flakes and chopped cilantro. The salad was split and placed on the plate. Then we shmeared the BBQ Sauce on the plate and placed two samosas over it. We topped the samosas with the remaining dressing, cilantro and toasted coconut. Isn't this pretty?!
In fact, the samosas were so filling, we each only ate one and saved the other for a left-over lunch!!
Our second GC meal of the week was another surprise to the senses—Veggie Polenta. Now, this meal had eggplant as its base but when we contacted GC folks for alternatives, they suggested either zucchini or Portobello mushroom cap. We went with the Portobello and just rode out the remaining instructions quite nicely. Here is our mise en place: Yellow Bell Pepper, Parsley, Polenta, Mushroom caps, Garlic Pine Nut Sauce, Snap Peas, Veggie Bouillon, Shallot, Corn, Thyme, Tomato, and Marjoram.
Big Solid is not wild about Polenta either but, once again, a clean plate belies that statement. So, here you go. We made the Polenta (so sorry about the blurriness) with corn and snap peas.
The final plating really looked quite lovely and it lasted only briefly after we were seated. It’s really kinda fun to have something you’ve never tried turn out to be such a nice meal…even when there is initial trepidation!!
We took Wednesday off to prepare a meal Big Solid LOVES (he’s really been great with all this new stuff) and that’s Taco Salad. Nothing to picture as it’s just lettuce, fresh yummy tomatoes, ground chili seasoned crumbles (Boca), grated Daiya Cheese and crushed up corn chips (yes, FRITOS!).
Our final GC meal of the week was prepared Thursday night..White Bean Ratatouille. This was ANOTHER one that we thought, 'oh boy, we hope this works'. So, here’s our mise en place: Parsley (upside down), Balsamic Seasoned Tomato Sauce, Yellow Pepper, Baguette, Spinach Sunflower Pistou (a Provençal cold sauce made from cloves of garlic, fresh basil, and olive oil), Zucchini, Pine Nuts, Lemon, and Grape Tomatoes.
We sliced and toasted the baguette, drizzling with EVOO,
covered the toasted baguette sliced with the Pistou and plated the ratatouille with a fresh lemon wedge and glass of chilled white wine. It was delicious!!
Next week’s GC arrived this morning and we have already organized and stored/refrigerated. Looks like some good stuffs on tap for next week!!
We saw a recipe by Kathy Hester (Slow Cooker Vegan cookbooker!) on Facebook this week that looked mighty tempting, so we thought we’d give it a go to share with a friend. Tempeh and Fresh Figs Braised in Port…my goodness!
Well, thanks to a relative (Patrice O’Brien) we had a ‘passel’ of fresh figs, we ALWAYS have tempeh, and Port, so what the hey! We got our mise en place with EVOO, cubed Tempeh, Balsamic vinegar, dried Thyme, diced onion, fresh FIGS, minced Garlic, dried Rosemary and The Gentle Chef’s Chik’n Bouillon. (Note: the recipe calls for fresh rosemary and thyme but we didn’t have any. Besides, those are not big faves of Your Elf, so we minimized the amount.)
We sautéed the onions and garlic.
After that cooled, we put the tempeh, quartered figs and cooled onion/garlic mix in a container to sit overnight in the ‘frig.
The next mornin’, we piled everything in the Crock Pot and let ‘er rip for about 7 hours on low.
We tasted it when it was cooling off and OH BOY!! We hope our friend likes it as much as we did! And, we will most surely make it again when we have a day that is not already ‘spoken for’ in the meal department!
Well, dear Efinistas/es, we have reached the end of another week and another blog. We sure do look forward to all the Green Chef goodness for next week as well as the other fun meals we have planned. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy as much as we do!
We also wanted to take a moment to remind folks where our EOB (End Of Blog) reminder comes from (‘DO EPIC’). It’s from the beautifully written book Bright Side by Kim Holden that chronicles the story of one strong young woman, Kate Sedgewick. In spite of tremendous odds and personal pain, she maintains and shares nought but positivity..her DO EPIC. In the mind of Your Elf, that means to remember to Look for the GOOD, be an EXAMPLE of the GOOD, and ACT for the GOOD as HARD as you can, in as MANY WAYS as you can, EVERY DAY that you can.

Your Elf

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Elf is Always Greener

We here at the ElfinHaus wonder how many of y’all remember the old TV show ‘That Was The Week That Was’ or affectionately known at TW3. Well, that could certainly have applied here! We have had a really busy and fun week. This blog will be pretty much devoted to our inaugural meals from Green Chef although we do have some other goodies to share.
Our FIRST Green Chef box arrived last Friday and THANK GOODNESS it was very well insulated. We have been running daytime temps well into the nineties with heat indices in the 105-110 range!
It contained EVERY ingredient we needed to prepare (or as we say here in Missi'ppi', ‘fix’) two meals over the course of three nights. Each meal has the ingredients numbered AND color-coded so you won’t mix them up. Very helpful, as you’ll learn later. Since many of the items are perishable and don’t need to sit in the ‘frig for days on end, we tried to use them as quickly as possible, understanding that Friday and Saturday nights are EAT OUT nights for us. So, we rocked out with the Green Chef’s stuffs beginning on Sunday and ending on Tuesday. That bein’ said, we definitely allowed for adjustments, this Sunday bein’ one of them. We have our VEGAN Gals (the Veganistas) this Sunday—always guaranteed to be not only a delightful evenin’ with good friends but also an opportunity to eat some awesome vegan food!! Stay tuned for a full report next week!! Big Solid will be joining us this Sunday as we will be bidding fond farewell to one of our own…it’s a happy farewell, for sure!!
OK, we put together our first Green Chef meal last Sunday night (7/16). AND, here’s the first thing we learned. When one’s Green Chef Box arrives and one gets all the ingredients out and put up safely, Put all the meals together as the colors and numbers indicate and THEN store them! Naturally, bein’ The Elf and all, we just threw everything in the ‘frig or on a shelf without a thought in the world UNTIL it came time to locate the listed ingredients for our Artichoke and Pesto Pasta mise en place. Of the eleven ingredients, we could easily locate 8. We TORE up the inside and outside refrigerators MORE THAN ONCE before we finally found everything. WHEW! So, here’s our mise en place: Roasted Red peppers and Kalamata Olives, Cannellini Beans, Grape Tomatoes (with a couple of our own yellows thrown in), Frisée (a cool kind of Endive), Pine Nuts, a Shallot, Parsley, Dairy Free Pesto, and Whole Wheat Orecchiette (pasta).
We toasted the Pine Nuts
and prepared the salad (before tossing and OH BOY, do we love Kalamata Olives).
Next up, we sautéed the shallot we’d diced in a bit of EVOO.
And here’s where we fell off the rails for a bit. We were in such a hurry we forgot the next step of sautéing our artichoke hearts. Alas, it made a wee bit of difference in that we did not get that great crust on the sautéed hearts. Oh well, live and learn TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND SLOW THE HELL DOWN!! So, we added the artichoke hearts sans sautéing along with the other ingredients for our final countdown to plating.
Then, our salad was plated
and our Pesto Pasta served up, complete with our toasted pine nuts and chopped parsley.
We LOVED it and thoroughly enjoyed our first Green Chef Elf-fort. So, Monday night, once again we ran amok in the kitchen trying to find yet another eleven ingredients that we’d scattered all over both refrigerators, repeating the commitment to pack up and store the next box with some kind of sense. Our meal for Monday night was Sesame Tofu and here’s the mise en place after we AGAIN finally found everything (note—all items are organic): Tofu, Line, Spinach, Teriyaki Sauce, Scallions, Radishes, Edamame Puree, Shichimi Togarashi (a Japanese 7 spice blend) Tamari-Sesame Marinade, Eggplant and Carrot.
The instructions are very easy to follow, thank goodness.
We did not photograph all the steps this time as you kinda get the drift of things but suffice it to say that this dish was OUTSTANDING with one notable exception. Big Solid does not care one whit about Eggplant (though you’ll see by his finished plate in a bit how he managed to choke it down). The final plating looked like this
and Big Solid’s ‘end plate’ looked like this!
Our final Green Chef meal was prepared on Tuesday evening and the streak of deliciousness just kept right on rollin’. The BBQ Tempeh Kebabs were absolutely delicious. We THOUGHT we’d taken a picture of the mise en place but we didn’t. Nevertheless, there was a southwestern slaw along with some diced sweet potatoes that were roasted. 
The tempeh was cubed and marinated in a great BBQ sauce along with some halved Cremini mushrooms (baby portabellos) and thick sliced yellow squash. The Kebabs were made by threading the mushrooms, squash and tempeh cubes onto bamboo skewers that had been soaked in water to keep them from burnin' up. We even busted out our cast iron stove top grill for this one—and while it doesn’t have ridges to get grill marks, it did just fine.
As the kebabs were grilling we plated the sweet potatoes and topped them with finely chopped roasted peanuts, chopped cilantro and a lovely tomatillo-peanut vinaigrette. The final plating had us excited to get to the table, swill a little wine and enjoy a delicious supper.
So, we can truthfully say that our first week of Green Chefery was so much fun (albeit s-elf induced anxiety) AND really delicious food stuffs, we are eager to put into practice some of the lessons learned from Week One. And, we might also add that the folks at Green Chef are super responsive to questions and very supportive about concerns. We wrote them recently about Big Solid’s disdain for Eggplant (since we saw where it would be on an upcoming menu) and they immediately provided suggestions for alternatives that would provide the same consistency and flavor. If you are interested in sampling Green Chef, you can try this link.
We have also been religiously tracking EVERY CENT we have spent on food this week so we can do some cost analysis (this as we threw out a nice batch of Bok Choy, a half package of lettuce and a whole bag of shredded cabbage that we’d bought and never used). This week’s Green Chef cost was extra low because you get a few free meals with your first order, so we will take that into consideration.
We've also been busy with some other dishes this week to share. We 'fixed' a pasta dish for a friend using Yellow Lentil Pasta
AND brought a Red Lentil Pasta, Delight Soy Chicken Nugget, Mushroom, and Kalamata olive dish to a lovely dinner in the woods with our good friends, Edwin and Gail Butler. They have been saying we needed to have a vegan meal together…so we finally set a date and pulled it off! They are not vegan or vegetarian but working harder to include more plant-based meals into their menus. We are only too happy to share the variety, tastes and ease of plant-based eating. Here’s Edwin’s plate;
full of good plant based food. Our hosts, Gail and Edwin Butler, are pictured in their lovely front yard. Look Ma! No Mowing!
There were deer galore and we had such a fun visit. Big Solid and Your Elf enjoyed the coolness of the woods ourowns-elfs!Note the Shirt of The Elf.
We look forward to Week TWO of Green Chef meals as well as our Veganista gathering (pictures promised) tonight.
And finally, Your Elf almost made a dreadful mistake Thursday night by topping off her glass of white wine with EVOO! Blech!
With that, we look forward to sharing life at the ElfinHaus you next week.
Always remember to Look for the GOOD, be an EXAMPLE of the GOOD, and ACT for the GOOD as HARD as you can, in as MANY WAYS as you can, EVERY DAY that you can. In other words, “DO EPIC”!
Your Elf