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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Nightmare on Elf Street

Wow! This week has flown by ESPECIALLY since we didn’t publish our little Sunday blog until Tuesday! And now we are even a day behind on this one!! So much to share, so let’s ‘git all up in it’!
Dishes we prepared this week that are to DIE for!!
First up, Cauliflower . These little cakes are so good, Big Solid and The Elf have decided to keep a recipe’s worth in the ‘frig’ all the time. And, it’s calorie friendly, so there’s little guilt involved. Here’s the link to the recipe that we used although you can find several on line.
First we steamed the cauliflower (I never quite understand what is meant by a ‘medium size cauliflower’ so used the one we had) and processed it as directed. Not too much because we certainly didn’t want a pile of mush on our hands.

Then we made our flax egg mixture to ‘gel’ up in the refrigerator, got all our dry ingredients whisked together in a large bowl. That would be all-purpose flour, cornmeal, nutritional yeast or vegan Parmesan (we actually used both and split the measurements equally between the two), garlic/onion powder, salt, pepper, parsley (we did not have fresh on hand, so used dried flakes) and paprika. The recipe states chili powder but allows paprika as a substitute. We LOVE bittersweet smoked paprika, so used that in lieu of the chili. May give the chili powder a go next time (which will be this week!).The Elf got ahead of her picture takin’ time and almost forgot to take a picture of the dry you see a ‘few’ cauliflower pieces as well.

We added the flax egg mixture and the processed cauliflower and mixed it all up.  And, though this recipe does not call for onion, we added about a half of a white onion that was finely chopped.  Got all these ingredients all combined and then commenced to ‘makin’ cakes. What fun!!

Next up, the fryin’ part. Now, we put more oil in our pan than we needed and will not make that mistake again. But we got the oil good and hot so a nice crust would form on the cakes. The trick is to NOT get too excited and turn them too soon. These are cooking nicely.

Just one turn is really all you need, so be patient, peek under one cake from time to time until you have the crust and color you want, then turn.

Now for those of you who want to cut as much fat/oil from your diet as possible, you might try to use an oil spray, get the crusts done and bake in a 400 degree oven until done. The Elf hasn’t tried that but did see it mentioned on the recipe comment section. We also did NOT make the dipping sauce (veganaise and vegan chili sauce…although we would have probably used sriracha).
We served our ‘cauliflower cakes’ with a pan seared ‘chikun filet’ that was awesome!!

Next up, we finally got around to making the Pumpkin Bars that we posted on our page a few weeks ago. Y’all know that The Elf is NOT a fan of pumpkin but these looked so good and so easy to prepare, we just had to try. We were thrilled that they turned out so incredibly good…no oil at all and no sugar. The recipe is called Paleo Pumpkin Bars and though The Elf is not into the Paleo regimen, these are indeed yummy. We cut the servings a bit smaller than the recipe called for so the calorie count per bar would be more to our intake quota. Yes, The Elf counts calories religiously and tries to stay in the vicinity of 1200. Remember that The Elf is only 5’3” and has a kinda small frame, so more calories than that would result in The Elf becoming The Gnomette.

And, we made ‘that monkey bread’ recipe again to take to a dinner party this past weekend. We’ll post the link one more time since it is SO INCREDIBLY GOOD! And as we were discussing calories just a bit ago, let it be known that this dessert/bread is NOT for the calorie faint of heart. So, we make it and maybe eat ONE ‘ball’ before passing it on. Vegan food like this is known as Vegan Porn.
Here we have the nuts and bolts of preparation that we forgot the first time.  Flattened half-biscuits

Filled with Tofutti cream cheese

With some vegan chocolate chips added

Baked and un-panned

For those of you who live elsewhere (meaning OUTSIDE of MS), we’ve been in an extreme drought situation for quite some time. No burnin’ of anything with over a foot deficit in rainfall. Well, that’s come to a halt, thanks to Patricia. Today was absolutely delightful…rain, wind and relief. We wish no one harm (EVER!) from any severe weather but, boy HOWDY, did we need this! We have had winds in excess of 40 MPH as well and lost power to some downed limbs this afternoon BUT, we are back in ‘BIDNESS’.
And, as promised last week, for our first return to our Julie et Julia wannabe with Susan Voisin and FatFree Vegan Kitchen, we will be preparing a scrumptious looking  dish called Pasta Fagioli with Cranberry Beans and Kale. 
We also have some other surprises up our Elfin sleeves for next week! So stay tuned!! We’ll be on hand Saturday to support the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer as well as our terrific doc and his awesome wifey (Phillip Ley and Linda Allen Ley). Maybe even some cool pics.
Til then, breathe deep, laugh a lot, eat plants, love life and ‘DO EPIC’.
The Elf

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